“Discuss how Noam Chomsky’s filters explain how the media helps to manufacture our consent in contemporary Western democracies. You should use contemporary examples to support your discussion.” Noam Chomsky is an American linguist and philosopher who is known for his influences on linguistics, his theory of innate grammar, and his […]

“Discuss how music in an audio-visual medium may have a significant and equal impact on the understanding of the narrative, storytelling, emotion, or meaning of the AV piece. Listening to music without sound can leave the audience feeling a bit lost. A film score; whether we’re consciously paying attention or

Musical theatre is “a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, dialogue,  acting and dance.” The actors use words, music and movement in order to  communicate emotions.  The earliest records of Musical Theatre date back to the 1850’s. Music was used  in Burlesque shows and opérettas (a ‘light opera’ such

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