Designing for STEM- Clonakilty Workshop

Designing for STEM Workshops

On the 8th of March, the Designing for STEM team ran a workshop in Sacred Heart Secondary School in Clonakilty. The workshop was attended by sixteen Transition Year students, who were divided into two groups of five, and one group of six.

The groups were required to create a poster, a brand name and logo, and a prototype designed to solve a real world STEM problem.

During this workshop, the students had more of a focus on the Texas Instruments Sensor Tag, building them into their prototypes, as well as asking questions about how they work, which the Designing for STEM mentors found to be very encouraging and useful.

The team would like to thank the faculty of Sacred Heart Clonakilty, especially physics teacher Dave Peglar, who helped answer a few STEM based questions from the students and therefore allowed a larger focus on the science and technology sections of the workshop. The mentors found this to be very helpful and are now working on incorporating this into future workshops.

Designing for STEM and Sacred Heart Clonakilty are now looking into collaborating in the future on coding camps, and further STEM workshops etc.

 If you would like to get involved in the workshops, or bring one into your school, please get into contact on Facebook (@Designing For STEM), Twitter (@Designing4STEM) or email

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