Designing for STEM – Innovation Week

Designing for STEM Workshops

On the 7th of March, the Designing for STEM team ran a workshop in the NIMBUS Center seminar room as a part of CIT Innovation Week. The workshop was attended by Creative Digital Media student’s, PR students, and Marketing students.

The students were divided into groups of four for this abbreviated version of the workshop. They were then given a brief which hadn’t been tested in a pilot study yet; to come up with a Smart Device that can link people with their loved ones abroad.

The groups were then required to come up with an answer to the brief using ideation and prototyping techniques. They also had to come up with a poster, a name for their product, and a logo. 

The new brief provoked some very interesting and original prototypes, and the groups produced some very innovative and creative work and found the workshop to be very enjoyable, and the team at Designing for STEM found the feedback to be very constructive in their alterations of the workshop.

 If you would like to get involved in the workshops, or bring one into your school, please get into contact on Facebook (@Designing For STEM), Twitter (@Designing4STEM) or email

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