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Designing for STEM Workshops

On the 19th and 20th of February, the Designing for STEM programme ran a pilot of their workshop in Loreto Secondary School, Fermoy. Over the two days they worked with a hundred students to create low fidelity prototypes, solving real world STEM problems using ideation and design techniques.

During their time at the school, they were also introduced to faculty members and received high praise for their work and efforts. 

For the workshop, students were divided into groups of five. Each group member had an individual role as either Project Manager, Marketing Leader, IT Developer, Engineer, or Designer. They were then introduced to the concept of The Internet of Things, and given a Bluetooth Sensor tag which they connected to their phones. Students were then required to develop a prototype, name, logo and poster for their idea.

The feedback received during the visit to the school was mainly positive, and some students expressed an interest in attending coding clubs, summer camps and internships in the future.

Designing for STEM would like to thank the faculty at Loreto Fermoy, especially Transition Year Coordinator and Science Teacher, Aoife Hennessy for their hospitality and help during their time at the school.

If you would like to get involved in the workshops, or bring one into your school, please get into contact on Facebook (@Designing For STEM), Twitter (@Designing4STEM) or email

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